Xtreme Drones | 6 Incredible Action Sport Drone Shots

By | July 18, 2017

Check out this compilation of the best extreme sports drone shots around. Link to full videos in the description below. Subscribe here for more : http://goo.gl/7Vdr0

From Bizet With Love : https://goo.gl/yrxhxe
Hijacking The Wake : https://goo.gl/C64Adk
I like to Fly : https://goo.gl/X0kQHO
Pipe Ground Session : https://goo.gl/2rspt7
Above the Wedge : https://goo.gl/8iD50x
Walls of Liquid : https://goo.gl/LWoFBk

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10 thoughts on “Xtreme Drones | 6 Incredible Action Sport Drone Shots

  1. HxC Underground

    What drone would I use if I wanted it to follow me as I longboard, I would need a pretty fast one, I assume?

  2. ChINo BbZacK

    DRONE the scenes are really good for sports like surfing and bodyboarding !! guaooo

  3. MountainBike Xtreme

    Sick footage from Antoine Bizet! Drones are changing the way we film extreme sports and this is just the beginning, they'll have as big an impact as GoPro. What's next?


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