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By | July 19, 2017

Some cool cool drone pictures images:

Michael Gira & William Basinski @ London 12/03/2014, St John’s at Hackney Church
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Image by DG Jones

"William Basinski is aiming to recreate his influential Williamsburg studio and performance space, Arcadia, in March next year at St John’s in Hackney. Basinski’s series will take place across one week, and will include performances and exhibitions, including a number of appearances by Basinski.

Two concerts in the series are announced so far: Michael Gira performing solo on 12 March, then Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham closing out the week on 20 March. Basinski will perform at each event, and daytime workshops and talks are planned, alongside an exhibition which will be installed for the duration.

Basinski set up his Arcadia club behind a nondescript steel door in Williamsburg in the late 80s. The space hosted readings, performances and exhibitions, with a focus on experimentation and emerging artists. Basinski once described it as looking like "a Baroque Venetian palazzo". It was open until until the late 90s and hosted Antony and Diamanda Galas, among many others."

Tam Makers at Marinovators
cool drone pictures
Image by fabola
Marinovators showcased the creativity of Marin County students in a day-long exhibition at the College of Marin. The event attracted hundreds of children, parents, teachers and local makers, featuring a wide range of science, tech and maker projects: from virtual reality to robots, bio-hacking, drones and paper airplanes.

Geo Monley’s high school maker class showed off ‘MakersField’ — a cool animatronic city they built together this year at Tam High School in Mill Valley. City features include a lighthouse, illuminated trees, robots, power plants — and Trump Towers.

Geo and I introduced Tam Makers, our new makerspace and community education program. We offer maker courses, meetups and for adults, high-school and middle-school children. Many visitors stopped by to discuss this project, sign up for some of our classes, and share their feedback and ideas. The overall response was very positive, which bodes well for us.

It was a fun and productive day, and a great way to catch up with the growing maker community in Marin, as well as reconnect with old friends.

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