20 thoughts on “Worcester, Ma Drone Video

  1. Stephanie Drew

    i have never seen Worcester seem this cool before like itscrazy like tbh i could be in one of those cars going by haha. this is really awesome

  2. mark lewis

    i thought for a minute there that looks nothing like worcester, then i realised it was worcester usa not worcester england lol

  3. Hugo Oliveira

    Thank you sirr I grew up in Worcester and I love the nostalgic!!! Thanks for the memories

  4. guy durango

    Great shots! Recognized everything, even the H.N field at the end. Its neat to see all landmarks at a different perspective.

  5. Shawn Daley

    Do you fly other drones? Looking for smaller racing drone flyers in the Worcester area. Also doing an indoor flying night with mini drones (tiny whoops)

  6. Mr. Captain Acorn

    Yo I live in Worcester and all of this. I remember seeing, all of them

  7. Chris Kanaracus

    This is the sickest, best thing I've seen in a really long time. Big props to Kariuki Media… The sophistication on display here is unreal.

  8. Absolute Magnitude

    Guys, I just got a drone. I thought you couldn't fly unless you're 5 miles away from the airport. Don't much like the law man, so I'm hesitant to even use my drone.


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