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By | December 3, 2017

Check out these best drone pictures images:

Predator at Night
best drone pictures
Image by Todd Huffman
Last night a Predator Drone was circling our area. Normally they don’t look like this, it’s running lights only because we’re near an airport. Probably not looking at us, it’s flying high and they can see far.

They’ve got a characteristic flight pattern, and so even though this is just a distant blinky light (this is at 20X magnification) it’s certainly a Predator. They fly this area a lot during the day, I’ll put up some more video later.

One of the interesting things I’ve been pondering about drones is their range. With a conventional aircraft you have to, well, fly back. I noticed this cited reason for losing one "running out of fuel while protecting troops under fire." At some point with a drone you can say ‘fuck it, the troops are worth more’ and let it go down. I’m not sure how often this happens, but I hope it’s in the decision matrix.

Grandad bores the Leek Rabbit
best drone pictures
Image by ian boyd
" blah, of course in my day there were no leeks, blah, no such thing, blah, no carrots either, blah, just sprouts, drone, drone, young people to day, blah blah blah, and I said to squiffy, blah, i remember it well, blah drone, blah, and ginger brought down the elk with just a bent teaspoon, blah, how we all laughed, blah blah blah, "

There’s more to life in Reno, Nevada
best drone pictures
Image by mrjerz
Here’s another crack at promoting Reno to hopeless Bay Area drones.

I made this using a Canon 30D, set to high quality small jpgs and high speed burst. On this setting, you can shoot five frames a second for up to 110 shots. That’s about 22 seconds straight of 5 fps shooting, so you can get a great sequence out of it. All the shots were taken with my Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens. I edited it in Final Cut Express, set to HDV 1080i 60 so the quality on the original is slick. Watch in in high quality on YouTube and it’ll look much better, to the point that you might be able to tell these are photos instead of strobed video.

By the way, it’s still not as cool as Ed’s video, but it does have its own doofus acting out the role we laugh at.

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