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By | December 20, 2017

A few nice best drone pictures images I found:

Drones Help Washington Sage Grouse
best drone pictures
Image by BLMOregon
In 2015, the National Interagency Fire Center and the Oregon State Office were out near Swanson Lake flying drones over eastern Washington. This effort was to classify mesic habitat to help with an overall range health assessment. Mesic habitat is critical to sage-grouse as brood-rearing habitat.

The drones used in this operation were able to cover hundreds of mapped polygons a day and the imagery produced will help make the BLM Spokane District make more accurate classifications of the sag-grouse habitat.

In September 2015, the BLM and USFS announced that they had issued Records of Decisions finalizing the 98 land use plans that will help conserve greater sage-grouse habitat and support sustainable economic development on portions of public lands in 10 states across the West. The land use plans were developed during over a multi-year process in partnership with the states and local partners, guided by the best available science and technical advice from the USFWS.

To learn more about this effort head on over to:

Photo by Jeff Clark, BLM

Figured out better #drone #mapping workflow that produces reliable results #3drsolo
best drone pictures
Image by mbohlmann

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