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A few nice best drone pictures images I found:

best drone pictures
Image by tr.robinson
National Center for Atmospheric Research. I appreciated that the displays showed chaotic systems as well as not mincing words about our effect on climate.

Image from page 228 of “Lilts o’ love” (1906)
best drone pictures
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: liltsolove00lewi
Title: Lilts o’ love
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Lewis, Judd Mortimer, 1867- [from old catalog]
Publisher: Houston, Tex., J. V. Dealy company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Oh, we thought Our country called, and our hearts wereribbed and walled, Till the pleadings of our loved ones failed to stir.And wed like to make it clear if we go to death out here Tisnt for their measly thirteen dollars per. THE LUEE OF SPRING. Let us quit the carking city, quit its smotlier and its dust,Quit the scramble for the dollar, leave its greed and crime and lust;There are daisy fields and clover fields that beckon you and me,And a rocky river lilting on its journey to the sea. Wont you put your hand in my hand just the way yxi used to do?Wont you let me choose a pathway, a bloom-bordered way for you?There are purple tufted thistles, there are honey-laden beesWay out yonder calling to us, there are whispers from the trees. Get your bonnet, for were going; let me tie its ribbon strings;Theres a mocking-bird off yonder looking our way while he sings;Theres an old zig-zaggy foot-path scrambling down a rocky cliffWhere a broad and placid river waits our coming with a skiff. 196

Text Appearing After Image:
THERE ARE DAISY FIELDS AND CLOVER FIELDS THAT BECKON YOU AND ME.AND A ROCKY RIVER LILTING ON ITS JOURNEY TO THE ShA. [The Lure of Spring] 197 Hold your dimpled chin up higher—now! There, thata a lover^s knot;You recall the day back yonder? You recall the clover lot?You recall the summer sunshine and the wild bee^s lazy drone,And the river calling to us as we sat there all alone ? Lets get out and leave the city^ leave the working to the bee;Lets go out across the meadows where the winds ace wild and free;Yellow jasmine and wild daisies and forgetmenots are there,And Ill find a wildwood blossom for a jewel for your hair. And well go out—wander way out—far as ever we can go.Just as vagrant in our fancies as the perfumed winds that blowOver miles of clover blossoms, and well sing and well forgetIn our laughing and our loving that we are not children yet. ORDERS. All we knew was it was orders^ and each of us packedhis kit,And we marched down to Manila, where the (Coast-wise transpor

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