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By | January 9, 2018

Some cool best drone pictures images:

5-Partners for Resilience I legacy, Uganda
best drone pictures
Image by Climate Centre
With the country facing a major food-security crisis, a new drone shoot by the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) has illustrated the climate-related challenge facing the north, as well as the legacy of community-based actions to increase resilience developed from 2011 to 2015 as part of the Partners for Resilience alliance: CARE Nederland, Cordaid, the Netherlands Red Cross, the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, Wetlands International and their national partners who include the URCS. Please go to and check our Vimeo site. ‘Video grab’ here shows the dried-up River Abim, between Kotido and Otuke, on the pastoralist route. (Denis Onyodi/URCS-Climate Centre)

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