#unsoundfestival #adelaide #thebartontheatre #wolfeyes #newmusic #musicphotography #petertea #peterteaimages #sonya7rii #urbandecay #streetphotography

By | January 10, 2018

Check out these best drone pictures images:

#unsoundfestival #adelaide #thebartontheatre #wolfeyes #newmusic #musicphotography #petertea #peterteaimages #sonya7rii #urbandecay #streetphotography
best drone pictures
Image by PeterTea
#Unsound #adelaide #unsoundfestival #adelaide #unsoundadelaide #livemusic #peterteaimages #petertea #musicphotography #eventphotography #livemusic #urbandecay #urbanphotography Opening is Australian A/V artist Robin Fox, with the world premiere of a new show called Euclidean Drone where for the first time he turns his lasers toward a screen, melding geometric shapes with massive sound. New York’s Pharmakon makes her long-awaited debut appearance in Australia, with her one-woman noise project involving power electronics, industrial rhythms and shredding vocals. Also from the U.S and also known for their infamous live shows, the legendary Wolf Eyes play in Australia for the first time in a decade, colliding experimentation, rock, improv, jazz and beyond.
Holly Herndon makes music based on samples and her voice, often cut-up. Live, her thrilling sound becomes an interactive A/V show involving Colin Self and Mat Dryhurst, where a laptop performance becomes a unique interactive show. Also playing in Australia for the first time is Canadian Kara-Lis Coverdale – at the shimmering forefront of the new wave of ambient music – and Lexachast, the collaborative project of PAN Records head Bill Kouligas and Finland’s Amnesia Scanner, combining overwhelming and mangled dystopian music with generative visuals sourced live from the Internet. But that’s not all! Touchstones in electronic and club music, the legendary Porter Ricks also make their first Australian appearance, closing the night with their immersive and influential dub techno mutations.
the Australian debut of Senor Coconut, the incredible 8-person band headed by Uwe Schmidt aka Atom TM. Combining electronica, Latin flair and humour, Senor Coconut will reinterpret classics of the 70s and 80s, from Kraftwerk instrumentals to Sade, Prince and Michael Jackson. Opening is the world premiere of a new ensemble made up of three of Australia’s best instrumental musicians, pianist Chris Abrahams of The Necks, guitarist and experimental musician Oren Ambarchi and drummer Robbie Avenaim. Bridging the two acts is the “militant space music and / or Fluxus techno” of Norwegian-Catalan duo N.M.O., a physical and humour-filled show involving percussion and electronics.

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