Singing bowl

By | January 15, 2018

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Singing bowl
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Image by aaronvandorn
I recently bought a studio lighting rig from my photographer friend, Bob. It’s a Norman PX2000 power pack with three lights. I’ve also acquired some umbrellas and other sundry bits of equipment, including an old Minolta Flash Meter III.. All of this ended up being a tremendous amount of fun to work with.

I set up on my kitchen table with a piece of white posterboard propped up against a bag as a stand in for a back drop and started taking some pictures after I had calibrated my used flash meter against another one. Seemed to have worked out pretty well here!

I got down a bunch of stuff that was sitting around in my living room and took some photos of it.

Here we have a singing bowl that my girlfriend brought me from Nepal when she was there for work earlier this year. It makes a lovely ringing drone when you rub the striker on the outside of the bowl.

Minolta SR-T202, Rokkor 135mm f2.8, Kodak Ektar 100. Normal PX2000 flash system. 1/60th sec at f16.

Image from page 64 of “The North Devon coast” (1908)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: northdevoncoast00harp
Title: The North Devon coast
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Harper, Charles George, 1863-
Subjects: Devon (England) — Description and travel
Publisher: London : Chapman & Hall, ltd.
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
evenmore delightful. He takes what the scientificworld styles the line of least resistance, andgaily dismisses it with probably the land of someCountess. But there is not much of this Countisbury,about whose name there has been so much said.Just a bleached-looking, weather-beaten church,the Blue Ball inn, typical rural hostelry ofthese parts, and the school-house. For the lifeof me, I do not know which drone the loudest ona hot, drowsy summer afternoon ; the bees or theschool-children at their lessons—the bees, I believe.And that is all there is to Countisbury, you think.This, indeed, is the sum-total of the village, but THE COAST 37 the parish itself ranges down to the Lyn, whichforms the boundary, as the curious may dulydiscover, set forth on the keystone of the bridgethat spans the stream, just outside the grounds ofthe Tors Hotel, which itself is, therefore, in theparish of Countisbury. There is little within the old church, with theexception of some line old characteristic West

Text Appearing After Image:
THE BLUE BALL. Country bench-ends, one of them bearing, boldlycarved, the heraldic swan of the Bohuns and thebezants of the Courtenays. We here come to that great projection, Countis-bury Foreland, past the school-house and byfootpaths. A lighthouse, very new, very glaring,with white paint and whitewashed enclosure-walls,near the head of the point, sears the eye on brilliantsunshiny days. It was built so recently as 1899,and equipped with the latest things in scientific 38 THE NORTH DEVON COAST apparatus. It casts a warning ray on clear nights,it moans weirdly in foggy weather, like the spiritsof the damned ; and, in addition, it has machineryfor exploding charges of gun-cotton at regularintervals. It is wound up once in four hours,and then proceeds to automatically producethirteen explosions in the hour. So, in one wayand another it will be allowed the shipping of theBristol Channel is well looked after. From thispoint, the coast of South Wales is distinctly seen,or is supposed to be

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