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Now, a Batallion has a structure that is a bit more complicated.
Its size varies greatly depending on what kinds of missions it gets depolyed to (peacekeeping obviously does not require a large amount of artillery or anti-armour and anti-air capapilites), and if it operates together with its Brigade or independantly (beeing the smalest element to be capable of independant operations).

There is:

A Batallion HQ element consisting of:
The HQ itself with the Comander (Major or Oberstleutnant/Lieutenant Colonel) and his staff
An administrative section
A Signals and Field Intelligence section
1-4 (depending on expected threat to the HQ and expected causalties in the companies), guard/reserve/urgent-replacement Squads, each consisting of 2 HMG Teams of 3 men each, and 6 Riflemen with SMGs who guard the base and from whom personal can be detached to either set up Heavy-machinegun positions or replace loses in the subordinate Units.

A Medical and Logistics Company with:
HQ (4men)
A Medical Platoon with a Battalions-Verbandsplatz/Dressing-Station and evacuation ponit (11) as well as 3 ambulance vehicles
And an amunition and weapons depot with its personal and some light trucks.

If acting independantly from a Brigade this Company gets reenforced:
1 Suply Platoons with trucks.
1 Maintanence Platoon
1 Field recovery Platoon

A Fire suport Company:
HQ, including operators for 1-2 reconaisance drones.
1 Recon or light Tank platoon with 4 to 6 vehicles
1 Sniper Platoon with 4 to 8 2 men teams, 2 of wich eqiped with Anti-Material Rifles.
1 AT Platoon with a platton leader and his DMR wielding buddy, 4 to 6 3 men teams with one ATGM launcher each, and optionally 0-2 105mm Guns with their crews.
1 Squad of Assult Pioneers in a specialist vehicle.
1 Platoon of light Artilery with 1 fire-control vehicle and 4 artillery pieces, usually 120mm Mortars or light Multiple Rocket Launchers
1 AA Squad with 6 soldiers with 3 MANPADS riding in an APC that has a Radar guided twin 23mm, 35mm or 40mm autocanon on top.

When operating independantly of its Brigade the fire suport Company can be significantly reenfoced.
The Assult Pioneer Squad becomes a Platoon
The Artilery Platoon can become a Battery
The AA Squad can become a Platoon
1 or even 2 aditional light tank platoons
1 Assult Gun Platoon with 4 to 8 vehicles, detached to the Company Level.
1 or 2 aditional ATGM or Tank Destoryer Platoons

3 Infantry Companies

Depicted here is a command cersion of the Crabat APC, feautering advanced comunications gear and workplaces for 4 to 5 Officers and NCOs.

Image from page 26 of “The new Larned History for ready reference, reading and research; the actual words of the world’s best historians, biographers and specialists: a complete system of history for all uses, extending to all countries and subjects and r
best drone pictures
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: newlarnedhistory12larn
Title: The new Larned History for ready reference, reading and research; the actual words of the world’s best historians, biographers and specialists: a complete system of history for all uses, extending to all countries and subjects and representing the better and newer literature of history;
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Larned, J. N. (Josephus Nelson), 1836-1913 Smith, Donald Eugene, b. 1878 Seymour, Charles, 1885-1963 Shearer, Augustus Hunt, 1878-1941 Knowlton, Daniel Chauncey, 1876-
Subjects: History
Publisher: Springfield, Mass. : C.A. Nichols Publishing Company
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
dLiipc. Suddenly and without warnini; the bom-bardment bepan. With a dull drone that filledthe air the plant shell could be heard cominp forsome eipht seconds. The noise of its approach stretcher-bearers rose through the hiph-pitchcdcryinp of the hurt. . . . Hardly had the first am-bulance left the square when the second shell fell,not far from where the first had landed. Afterthat the plant projectiles fell at intervals of twentyminutes. . . . The first day the enemy refrainedfrom usinp other shells apainsl the town, butsimply used the bip 42-ccntimctre sicpe-puns. . . ,The danper of one of these vast shells reachingcommunications was quickly realized, and thewhole available force of Belpian labour units atthe disposal of the British were turned on towiden the roads at certain critical points. Underthe command of a British subaltern speakinpmany tonpues, a scratch force of Royal Engineers,the 44th and 40th Belpian Compapnie de Travail-leurs, and sundry transport lorries borrowed from

Text Appearing After Image:
4i_ TrcHh iilu.-,tratiD£ .Servic* RUINS OF THE CLOTH HALL AT YPRES. AFTER THE CERMAN BOMBARDMENT increased till it sounded like the roar of thepassing of an express train; then fell the shell,and the plant burst of its detonation seemed toshake the solid earth. The Grand Place wasfilled with people passinp about their ordinaryavocations when the first of these monsters fell. Itburst in a group of houses to the north side of thesquare, of which the Hotel de la ChatcUenie wasone. and the blast of its explosion drove a hailof fragments and masonry across the open space..Ml was confusion; the vast cloud of smoke anddust ascended to twice the heipht of the Cathedraltowers and bellied out like a dark yellow fogacross the square. After the hail of fragmentshad descended there fell a moment of shockedsilence, then out of the murk rose cries too ter-rible to hear. The Place was a shambles, forbodies lay in all directions, some mercifully dead,others mere heaps of agony. . . . The soldiersplun

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