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By | January 31, 2018

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Image from page 8 of “The Farm-poultry” (1902)
best drone pictures
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Identifier: farmpoultry135unse
Title: The Farm-poultry
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Subjects: Poultry Northeastern States Periodicals Poultry Industry Northeastern States Periodicals
Publisher: Boston, Mass. : I.S. Johnson and Co.
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
toresult disastrously. For detailed instructions,such as it is beyond the scope of this article togive, there are numerous bee books to helpthe novice over the rough places in thisdelightful branch of agriculture. Rev. L. L.Laugstroth, to whom great honor is due, isthe father of American bee keeping: indeed,it was through him that the pursuit has beendeveloped from a game of chance into thegreat industry that it is today: for it was hisinvention of the movable frame hive that haschanged the occupation of the apiarist fromone of pleasure but uncertain profits into awell paying business. The illustration herewith shows a growthof six years duration, or in other words, anolil box hive transformed into a cozy littleapiary of sixty colonies. The crop of honeyhas multiplied from two pounds into twothousand. Who can foretell the possibilitiesof the busy little bees? And now as to profits. As I am but anamateur, and bee culture is still only a sideissue with me, possibly you may not consider

Text Appearing After Image:
A BACK YARD BEE FARM. Other a longing for the pleasant occupation oftending bees; but most people are frightenedaway from the undertaking by the difficultieswhich seem to present themselves. In thefirst place they are puzzled to know how tomake a proper beginning, and what therequirements really are; for it goes withoutsaying that no person wishes to invest verymuch capital in an uncertainty. A little look-ing into the question will usually disclose thefact that someone within a radius of five orsix miles of you is a bee keeper of some degree.If this is the case, it is well to buy your beesclose at home, even if they are common bees,and in a box hive. Of course it is best tobegin with only one colony which, in thespring of the year, consists of one queen, a fewhundred drones, and from twenty to fiftvthousand workers. This will keep you fullyoccupied at first, and furnish you with expe-rience which would be costly if obtained on alarger scale. Your colony of common bees in a box hivesh

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Droning In
best drone pictures
Image by SantaFebuff
Drones fly about as the steam locomotive comes into sight… 1630 is alive and well.

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