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By | February 6, 2018

Some cool best drone pictures images:

Image from page 790 of “The Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Victoria” (1902)
best drone pictures
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Identifier: journalofdepartm10vict
Title: The Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Victoria
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: Victoria. Dept. of Agriculture
Subjects: Agriculture Agriculture — Australia Victoria
Publisher: [Melbourne]: Dept. of Agriculture, Victoria
Contributing Library: The LuEsther T Mertz Library, the New York Botanical Garden
Digitizing Sponsor: The LuEsther T Mertz Library, the New York Botanical Garden

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ria. 529 BEE-KEEPING IN VICTORIA. {Coiifiiiiicd from page 477.) /•. A. Hen line, Bee Kxptrt. Part VII1.—The Lse of Comb-foundation.Cumb-foundation is the base or nii(lril> of the comljs in the frames ofthe modern bee-hive. It consists of a thin sheet of l)eesax impressed onh)Oth sides with the shape of the basis of the cells of honey-comb, and issupi)lied to the liees with the object of obtaining a larger yield of honeythan would be possible were they allowed to build their combs in their ownw.i. The better results obtained by the use of full sheets of comb-founda-tion, instead of a comb-guide or narrow strip of embossed wax, are due tothree factors:—i. A stronger force of worker bees and very few drones. 2. The faster building of the combs for brood and the storage of honey. 3. Stranger and straighter combs. I. Stronger Colonies. Bv the use of full sheets of comb-foundation, the numl)er of worker3>ees is greatly increased, and the number of drones reduced to a minimum,

Text Appearing After Image:
FIG. I. COMB BUILT FROM STARTER. NEARLY ALL DRONE CELLS. and as the former are producers and the latter cmsumers onlv. the profitsof bee-keeping depend to a very large extent upon the ratio of worker beesto drones, and this is best regulated by the prevention of the l)uilding of■drone-comb. The combs built by bees consist of two kinds of cells, one1-5 inch in diameter, and known as worker cells, the other j inch, calleddrone cells, the former being the cradle of the worker bee. the latter that ofthe drone. In a state of nature a large percentage of the comli consists i drone-cells, and immense numbers of drones are raised, a provision of nature toinsure the fertilization of the queen from one hive bv a drone from anothercolony, which, when bees are in their wild state, is often a considerabledistance away. In the meeting of the sexes, which alwavs takes place inthe air often a considerable distance from the hives, a further safeguardagainst inbreeding is the aversion of the

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drone brood being backfilled with nectar
best drone pictures
Image by Shawn Caza
Full record of the hive inspection here

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